Cindy: In this episode number 4, I interview Chad Nicely. He’s the mastermind behind millions in sales of digital products and he’s frequently seen on leaderboards and recently he’s even won a few cars as affiliate prizes. Chad has worked with some very big names like Todd Gross. Jimmy Kim, InstaBuilder and many more. Chad’s very well known for his sales videos and webinars conversions, especially in the large arena. So during this episode, Chad is going to reveal his secret formula for using pre-launch webinars to maximize a digital product launch and how he builds that massive excitement, getting up to 70% conversions on your pre-launch webinar. So, welcome, Chad, it’s so great to have you here.

Chad: Hi Cindy, it’s good to be here.

Cindy: Thanks for your time.

Chad: Sure.

Cindy: So what’s the secret to sequencing an effective pre-launch or Early Bird webinar properly in the buildup. So say someone has a product release that they’re just excited to release. How do they get people onto their sequencing that as well as possible?

Chad: I don’t know if it’s so much a secret, it’s more a process that we go through. So the first thing is, I suggest you be well planned out, figure out what the angles are going to be to sell the product or around that specific product or service. And you’re going to take those angles and you’re going to make those angles part of that sequence. So if you have four different angles that you’re going to use selling the webinar, then those should be your angles inside your sequence, okay. So that’s the first thing.

And we’ll usually do about three or four e-mails before the webinar, okay. Another advanced tactic is you can actually give them a task after they register. So once they register you can say, okay, step one is we want you to download this blueprint, right. Then once they do that, depending on what you’re using, I mean, you can get into advanced tagging, like in Fusion Soft or AW Pro Tools, doesn’t have to go that deep. And then once they complete the first task, you’d have like a second task. It can be something like join the Facebook group or take this survey, we do a lot with surveys, something of that nature.

The other thing is, we always have some kind of incentive, and it can be something as simple as a discount code for the pre-launch. What we like to do is we run something called the Live Giveaway and this is where we have a big database of everybody that’s registered for our webinars and we run this automated spread that it goes through and actually chooses random winners that are on the webinar call. So, we let them know that we’re going to be doing the Live Giveaway.

And then the other thing is, we also like to use proof from other webinars that we’ve done. So if we’ve got a testimonial from somebody that says, hey, you know, I attended your last webinar or whatever and I actually implemented the things that you guys reviewed and I went out there and I got my first lead or I got my first sale, or whatever that may be, and I absolutely love your webinars. And we’ll include those testimonials inside of that sequence, right, whatever we can do.

The first thing you have to ask yourself, what’s the goal. Well, the goal is to get them on the webinar, right. So when you really try to simplify things, you don’t look at it like, okay, we have to get them on the webinar and then we have to make sure we do this pitch and then we got to make sure we get them on the phone. You don’t go though all of that. The goal has to be, first, to get them on the webinar, then it’s pretty simple. You just take those few steps to get them on that call.

Cindy: Right, okay, so if you have a product that kind of lends itself to different angles, so it’s not strictly a marketing thing, but you can also sell it also as a [inaudible 00:04:00] marketing thing, you just create separate sequences based on those. Do you do actual like Facebook targeting, Facebook ads and stuff for those specific target audiences?

Chad: Oh, my god, yes.

Cindy: Yes, why don’t you talk about that because I know a lot of people want to learn more about Facebook and how you’re doing that.

Chad: Yeah, absolutely. So, as you register for the webinar, we fire off a pixel on the Lead Casher page. If you actually register and you go to the Thank You page, we fire off a pixel. So, the people that are seeing the ads to get registered for the webinar are now excluded if the second pixel that’s fired off, okay. So, this first group, which are people that have just seen the Lead Casher page, are going to see Ad A, and then the people that have seen the Thank You page, are going to see Ad B. So Ad A’s going to say hey, get registered for my webinar and Ad B is going to say, hey, don’t forget the webinar goes live on this date. Make sense?

Cindy: That’s so powerful isn’t it, because then you can really, really target it down.

Chad: Absolutely, and if you have those steps in the middle, like your step is complete this worksheet, that’s one of our current webinars right now, or you know, join our Facebook group, as they fire off those pixels as they complete each step, then the ad that they will see. So there’s a lot of people in our funnel now that are seeing hey, you need to complete step two. And then there’s other people who have gone through all the steps and they’re seeing a reminder that hey, make sure you have time set aside for this day because we’re running the webinar. All that based on where you fire out the pixels and when you set up your ad, you simply say, okay, include this group, but if they have this pixel, then exclude them.

Cindy: Uh-huh, and that’s all just done in Facebook isn’t it, it’s quite… Chad: It really is easy, yeah.
Cindy: [inaudible 00:05:57]

Chad: And nobody else is doing that, nobody else is doing that. See, that’s the thing, people, if you just sit down and put together the process, oh, you can book those webinars, right, but nobody does this. Here’s what we see. We see, hey, we’re running a pre-launch webinar, right? So the night before, they’ll go and e-mail the pre- launch leads and say hey, don’t forget we’ve got the webinar tomorrow. No! That’s not how you take care of your affiliates. You go out there and you set up the proper campaigns, you fire off those pixels, you have the pre-launch sequence, you have kind of incentive form, then you go for the kill.

Cindy: Uh-huh, yeah, and it makes sense because you want to make sure that they’re blocked out, the people that are registered have blocked out this time for you, not that it’s a last minute thing and it’s just hey, by the way, we just forgot about this, do you want to come along. But we want them to kind of really block that time out for you.

Chad: And the other thing is, once they’re registered from the webinar, we’re not only e-mailing them from either Sand Lane, AWebber, and Fusion Soft, whatever we’re using, but we’re also sending notices from Go To Webinar as well. So they’re going to hit twice to get on that call, right. That’s required.

Cindy: Yeah.

Chad: Our webinar is really good at in-boxing.

Cindy: Yeah. So, how do you get people onto the actual webinar. Once you’re got them, you know, subscribed and you’re reminding them that they’re coming, have you got any actual tricks to get them to show up? Like how do they make that decision to actually get on the webinar?

Chad: It’s the same thing I just said. You want to make sure your sequencing is set up right, you want to make sure you have some kind of incentive there for them, let them know that your webinars are packed up, do the scarcity thing, the time limit offer. Since it is a pre-launch, everybody thinks that they’re going to take that webinar and use it throughout the launch, you’re not going to because you have pre-launch prices there and you’ve got your early bird prices and everything else. So tell them, there’s not going to be any replays because chances are you’re probably not going to use that replay.

Matter of fact, I can’t think of one time where the intention was, okay, Chad, come in and do this webinar for us and then we can mail out that webinar throughout the launch. No, it didn’t happen because you’re so focused on getting that first 1,000 sales or the high conversion on the webinar that you can put them on the top of Zoo so all the other affiliates can say, whoa! this thing’s hot, right. So, really focused on those early bird prices and getting as many people in the door as you possibly can before the launch happens. So you’re not going to reuse it, so tell them, there’s not going to be any replays. So they need to get on there.

Cindy: So that’s a huge difference between, you know, the evergreen model and even just like doing regulars promotions for a webinar. A lot of people will record it and then they’ll send out sequences to make sure that people follow-up and come in and see the replay. But actual scarcity, having it as a pre-launch, this is only happening once, make sure you get there, you have massive scarcity, yeah. So, yeah, you want to push that like crazy, right.

Chad: And, see, this is the thing, you’re not going to really focus on post-e- mails, because you’re going to go straight from webinars to launch mode. You’re not going to be sending out an e-mail saying, hey, here’s a replay, you’re not. So focus, take your time, figure out what those golden nuggets are, make sure your sequence is perfect before the webinar, right. This is so very important. And if you can start building up social proof and get people excited and embed a page that has Facebook comments, have them do some little task or something, do that, right. And then as you’re building up that social proof, share it in your next e-mail, right.

Cindy: Right, yeah. So, I mean, you’re really … So, let’s actually talk about the webinar, because one of the things that really stands out about you and the way that you deliver your webinar, is how informative and how engaging and entertaining that you come across with the audience. So, do you have anything that you can share with our listeners about how to keep the audience engaged?

Chad: Yeah, it’s like, Ahhhhh, like, energetic and got to be passionate and you’ve got to be personal. And if you can make them laugh, and how do you know. I have two monitors so I’m constantly over there seeing what their reaction is and I’m always look for those LOLs, or that’s great, or yeah, I got my Carmel Macchiato Grande Breve upside down served latte, like that’s a joke before I got on my webinar, right.

So I can sit there and I visit with them before the webinar even starts, okay. You tell them, I say, “Hey guys, so here’s what we’re doing, we’re going to use this recording, if we do or not, and I’ve got something special for you guys at the end so after we’re done recording stick around, right.” I get very, very personal with them. Like, that’s important all the way through, like, you want to have that bond with them.

So many people get on a call and they don’t make that connection with the audience. One of the things, I don’t think happens, and it’s for that reason right there, they’re not engaged with their audience, they’re not passionate about it, they don’t believe in what they’re pitching or selling, right, or even presenting. And that’s happened to me a lot of times. I’ve been, unfortunately, you know, I made some bad decisions, too, paired up with some people I wish I hadn’t and, you know, their webinar and their whole entire launch. And I’ve been stuck on a webinar where I’m just like wow, I just do not believe in this anymore. What I’m seeing now is not what was originally presented to me.

So I start losing my passion and I get to the point where I’m just going through the motions and people pick up on that. So, it doesn’t always happen, I don’t always have the passion, but when I do believe in what I’m teaching and selling and yeah, you’ll hear passion. And if I want the audience to be passionate, it better be something I’m passionate about or I can’t expect it out of them, right. So they’ve lost the excitement, right. And so throughout the webinar, we’re encouraging and interacting with them the whole time. So we’re asking a lot of questions and we’re asking questions that always lead to a yes, because we’re training and conditioning them because, ultimately, when we get to that pitch, the answer we’re looking for is yes, right.

Cindy: Yes, you’re right.

Chad: Right, you’re asking me all the way through, right?

Cindy: Exactly, yeah, yeah. Actually I’ve been reading Robert Tully’s book, Influence … something.

Chad: The one you gave me, you sent me that book.

Cindy: I did, I did, yes. His book, it’s an amazing book and the book’s a lot about leading them to the yes. Because if you can get people to say yes, even as they’re going through, you know, just random questions and you get a yes from them, it builds in a yes response to the sale.

Chad: Yeah. Well, you know what though, but times are changing and it’s about being authentic and transparent today and people don’t just buy because it’s a great product, they buy because it’s a cause or they buy because of the people behind it right? Because when I’m on that webinar, I am that product, I am my client. Like I am representing them and I need to do the best possible job I can. And my goal is not only to close those sales, but to form that bond between who I’m representing and that crowd. And throughout the whole entire webinar, we’re doing that.

Cindy: Yeah, that’s fantastic. And you’re actually, you not just close the sale, but you actually close sales on the whole funnel. Like, when I did the introduction before, I mentioned 70% on the entire funnel. Maybe you could walk people through how it is that you sell not just the front end. I mean, obviously, as product, when we do a release we want to sell on the front end, but there’s a lot more money if we can sell the up-sells. So how do you do that?

Chad: Well, first of all, we don’t always close on 70%. We have hit those numbers, that doesn’t always happen, so I’m not putting that out there. But yeah, we have hit those numbers. And the thing is, why wouldn’t you cover the whole entire funnel. Like, you’re selling it, if they buy the front end, they’re going to get presented with the other offers. So doesn’t it make sense to cover that for them? Like I said, when I’m on that call, I’m an ambassador for them. I’m doing them a favor, I’m stepping in as the middleman. It’s not necessarily, sometimes it is, but it’s not necessarily my product, I’m not the one buying it. I am the middleman and I’m trying to convey in layman’s terms and this is very, very important that you learn to really communicate on … I think somebody said it best when they said, if you can communicate on a third-grade level, everybody understands it.

And it’s hard with as much knowledge as we have, because we start talking about retarding pixels and sales funnels and conversions and all this crap and you lose them. So if you really step back and put yourself in that viewer’s shoes and that customer’s shoes and you really try to go to their level and remember what it was like 15 years ago when you came in this business and some of the things you may not understand, then they relate to that and they see you as looking out for them.

And the other thing is, you always want to be honest with them, so right from the get-go, I tell them, “Look, in the next 45 minutes here’s what you can expect, okay. I’m going to give you five reasons why you want to be doing X, Y, Z. And then I’m going to demonstrate a software to you that’s going to make your job a lot easier. It’s a pretty amazing software, okay. And then after that, what’s going to happen is I’m going to tell you how you can receive the software soon as the cart is open. But not only that, I’m going to do you guys a favor and I’m going to cover the whole entire funnel so that you’re not lost after you make that front end purchase, right.” I’m now doing them a favor. I’m not necessarily pitching them, right.

And I don’t feel like I ever really have to pitch it to them. All I do is I say … here’s how we set this up, Cindy. We say , “Okay, so, here’s the front end demo”, and I will walk through and show them all the templates or whatever the software is. And then I will go back to the slide and we have a slide deck and I will say, okay, “So this, this, this, this, this, this, this, is all included with the front end offer and you’re going to pay $27 instead of $47.”, and then I’ll have $47 crossed out, okay. So, then, I’ll answer some questions really quickly out loud that I see coming in on the front end. I’ll make sure that people can get the link and it we’re smooth and we’re going.

And I’ll say, “Okay, next what I’m going to do is explain the OTO and how it’s going to benefit you.” And so, then, I’ll do a demonstration or I’ll show whatever the product is and I’ll demonstrate that. And then we’ll come right back over to the slide deck and say, “Okay, with the OTO you’re going to receive this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, here’s the price.”, make sure you have a product shot there for perceived value. And then, if we need to, we’ll go on to the next OTO.

I’ll go four levels deep and converted the whole entire [inaudible 00:17:17]. In fact, we did it on InstaBuilder. She couldn’t believe it, we covered the whole entire funnel. And she said, “Wow, we have an hour and it’s such an amazing, powerful platform, are you sure you can demonstrate that and the sales funnel builder and the template club all in an hour?” I said, “I got you. We have to. They’re going to be presented with it. We’re going to do it.” And we did and it absolutely … We crushed that webinar. And I believe at the time I was in Spain, I had a big damn crow or something flying through the window right in the middle of the webinar. I don’t have internet connection, right. It was horrible! But we still crushed it. And I think a lot of the reason why is we were just real and just honest and sincere with people and they liked it, it went really well.

Cindy: Yeah, I mean, sincerity definitely goes a long way. And being able to walk people through what they’re going to have instead of just leaving them hanging and letting the sales funnel just do it all for them, that’s got to be key. Also, I think the fact that they’re right there and if they have questions they can ask you. I know what you do a lot of the time, you have extra people answering questions, am I right?

Chad: Absolutely.

Cindy: So you grab people, you grab extra staff to come on and make sure that they’re being dealt with.

Chad: You will triple, I tested this, you will triple … I didn’t want to test this, I just had no choice, I didn’t have anybody to help me there that day. And I learned, you will triple your conversions if you have somebody sitting there answering every single question, even if you say, I don’t know the answer to that, let me see if I can get Chad to answer that for you. They just want attention, they just want to know that you care, that you’re not just there to sell them, right.

But absolutely, and we could talk more about that but the questions are very, very important. I constantly am looking for that one question that I’m able to transition to what I’m talking about because there’s always a golden nugget that comes up or there’s always something that I didn’t think about or a new angle and I’m able to bring that in. But not only that, and this kind of goes to the question about what you said, how do you get the high closes, make sure you’re using [inaudible 00:19:27] inside your webinar. Because here’s the thing, especially if you’re using the webinar, we’re able to see the question window that the rest of the viewers can’t.

So, I’m constantly asking questions that will reaffirm and teach, then train, condition them to say yes. So, like I’ll say, “Okay, how many people just purchased the front end offer?” And it will go like this, within a minute it will go like this, it will go szhooooo, right down, right? You’re seen this, and it will scroll and then fall. And I’ll take out [inaudible 00:19:54] and I’ll say, “Okay, I’m going to show you guys what I’m seeing because you guys can’t see this.” And I will screenshot that box that says, s s s s s all the way down and it’s 9:08 AM, and I’ll put that on screenshot and I’ll say, “Look…

Cindy: Yeah that’s huge

Chad: I’ll say, “Look, I just asked you guys at 9:08 how many people bought this”, and this sucker is still scrolling. But instead of them taking my word for it, I put it up on the screen and I’ll do that a lot.

Any time I need them to understand that the group is agreeing as a whole, that’s being social proof, right.

Cindy: Yeah, absolutely.

Chad: Nobody wants to be the first to do anything, right. So when I put that on the screen they get that warm fuzzy feeling because they see, well, this is what everybody’s doing, so this is what I should be doing, right.

Cindy: Yeah, yeah. So, for our listeners who are thinking about adding a pre-launch webinar to their product release, where do you suggest that they start?

Chad: Well, just what I said. When I first sit down with … Remember this? Or the other thing I like to use is Here’s the thing, you’re already riding the swipes for your affiliates, right? Cindy: Uh-huh.

Chad: Well, this angle that you’re using inside of your swipes, you’re going to use in your sequence, right? So make sure that you have that sequence lined up, make sure you’re communicating to your affiliates that you have a sequence going out and that you’re doing the retargetting campaigns, and I think this is what we’re looking for. If I’m going to send somebody to a webinar, and I’m not going to name any names, but I just did a promotion recently where we put something like 1,400 leads into this webinar. And guess what? They sent out one e-mail and that was it and I was on the webinar the next day, nobody was there. I said, “How is this possible? I wasted all these e-mails and everything, putting them into your funnel, you were supposed to take care of this, why don’t you have people on the call, right?” Like that’s a big let down and that’s something we forget. Because I know it’s not that much work, right?

So, make sure that you have those sequences set up. You don’t have to do the ad campaigns, but it definitely adds to getting people on the call. Social proof, there’s a lot you can do. One of the tips I was going to give you here at the last minute before we conclude is that every webinar, after we’re done, after we put the links out there … And by the way, if you’re doing it on the pre-launch webinar, it’s okay to have links on the screen. If you’re not doing a pre-launch webinar, do not put a link on the screen and do not mention a price, right. You simply say, okay, this is a very advanced trick, if you don’t mention a price … See, if you have the slide open and you say, okay, so it’s $37 right now. If you’re wanting to use that webinar later on, well, now you’re screwed because you just mentioned the price and your price has increased.

So you can say, okay, guys, there’s the price and I just dropped the link in the chat, well guess what? Now you have a webinar that you’re able to use over and over and over. And if you do put a link on the screen, then use a rotator, so that you can swap out that link with a different page because your prices have changed, right.

Cindy: Right, yeah, that makes sense, yeah, yeah.

Chad: This is something we do a lot when it’s not a pre-launch webinar, right. But just kind of some last minute tips, because I actually lost the place where I was at there. Dual monitors will help because this monitor here, we have the webinar taking place, this over here I’ve got Skype conversation open, I’ve got the webinar chat open, and I’ve got the present interview with the slide deck so I can see what’s coming up next, right. Because if you just have one screen, how many times … and I’ve had to do this on my laptop and I completely lost, I don’t know what’s coming up next. And they don’t see you, right, so you can very easily look over here. You’ve got notes over here. You see what’s coming up next, so you can do a very smooth transition.

Along those same lines, you’re probably going to demonstrate something, you’re probably going to show a social media site or a traffic source. Make sure you have all those tabs organized ahead of time because …

Cindy: Now, that seems like such an easy thing right, but so many people don’t do it. I’ve been in so many webinars where they’re just fumbling around to up the page or that page isn’t loading. It’s a mess.

Chad: Yeah, and it’s embarrassing when you’re like, hold on a minute, I’ve got my login here somewhere, just stay tight guys, I’ll go ahead …

It’s embarrassing.

Cindy: You’ve got your screen’s showing and you’ve got to hide it. Yeah, so get everything organization organized before.

Chad: Yeah. And the questions, not only do you want to have somebody there to answer the call, so many people say, “Okay, guys, I’ve got to go eat dinner with my wife.”, or “I’ve got to take my beautiful wife out to dinner, we’ll see you guys on the next webinar.” Boom! And they end the webinar. Don’t do that! Leave that webinar open for like 20 minutes. And if you can, like I take the time and I personally go and address everybody on the call. Sometimes I have to scroll and scroll and scroll. But unless Lachelle has done that or Bob or somebody that’s working with me, and actually addressed everybody, I will take the extra 20 minutes and I will address everybody.

Because you know why? Don’t ask me why, but they stick around, they don’t leave. Just because you said, “Okay, guys, thank you so much.”, and then you hit the mute button, you still share your screen, you have your call dash on the screen, people will come up with questions, right, they’re looking for you to push them to say, yes. They’re looking for you to push them to order, right. So if you leave that webinar open and just sit there silent and just sit there and answer questions, you will get more sales.

Cindy: If you don’t answer that they’re just going to go, just go on. But answer them and you could do chance to actually address their issues.

Chad: And the other thing, remember I told you that I’ll get on with them like a half hour before or whatever? Here’s what we’ll do. We’ll have this beautiful PowerPoint screen created in Photoshop or something, right. And so, we’ll start playing the webinar, we’ll open up the webinar about half an hour before because if you’ve done your job and you’ve said, “Look, we’re going to fill out, we hit capacity, there’s no replay, you can only have this offer for a limited amount of time.”, then there’s a very good chance people are signing on a half hour early.

While they’re signing on, put something beautiful up there instead of the Green Room, right. Give them a call to action, join this Facebook group, download this, register for a contest, brand it to the product, to yourself. This is your chance to build yourself up, right. And then we even have something nice and soothing because it’s usually like six o’clock in the morning and I need that myself. So it’s like Enya or Michael Buble or something that puts them in that mood, right? You want to put them in just a great mood before it starts, right?

And have something nice and soothing because it’s usually like six o’clock in the morning and I need that myself. So it’s like Enya or Michael Buble or something that puts them in that mood, right? You want to put them in just a great mood before it starts, right?

And I will tell them … This is another gold nugget. I’ll tell them, “Okay, guys, so, we’re going to record here in a couple of minutes, like another ten minutes, then we’ll start. I just wanted to come on, talk to you guys, answer any questions you have right now. I want to be personal with you before we start the recording. And do me a favor, here’s what we’re going to do, guys. We’re going to put out the link for the opportunity we’re about to reveal to you.” Now, this is before the recording. “Do me a favor guys, stick around because I would like you to fill out a survey and when you do this, there’s going to be a reward for you at the end.”

And guess what? Nobody leaves. They wait around for that survey. And on that survey you ask them questions, that makes you a better presenter. So you say, “How was the link to the webinar? How was the content? Do you feel like you can take action? On a scale of one to ten, how satisfied were you?” I even asked the question, “Who’s your favorite webinar host? I have like ten simple little questions. I use a tool called Social Surveys and they go through, they hit the end and they get a link for a free report or free PLR product or whatever we’re doing. But we’re able to take … If we ask them open- ended comments, like what was your big ah-hah moment on the webinar. And so you’ll get all these open-ended comments. Well guess what that is? That’s social proof.

Cindy: And you say it’s for the next ones.

Chad: Yeah, and there’s been a lot of times where I’ve gone to webinar early when I know that we’ve got 500, 600 people already. I’ll say, “Hey, guys, I just want to show you the survey that you guys are going to be taking. But I’m going to give you some results first, so you can see what other people are saying before we get onto this call?” I give them that warm, fuzzy feeling when everybody’s like, oh, my god, Chad is such an amazing guy and provides so much value and I love his excitement. If you can show them that, before they get on the call, it just soothes them. They just feel relaxed. If they don’t know you, they know now they’re in good hands because other people have been in their shoes.

Cindy: Absolutely. That is awesome. Thank you so much. I think we’re probably going to leave it here, but thank you so much for all of your input, all of your times and I’m sure our listeners are going to love all of this information. So thanks today …

Chad: You’re welcome.

Cindy: Yeah, I appreciate your time.

Chad: Take care.

Cindy: Take care then. Bye.

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3 comments on “004 Chad Nicely: Structuring an Earlybird or Prelaunch Webinar For Up To 70% Conversion Rates!

  1. Scott Mar 14, 2016

    This is great. And I am thrilled to have found this podcast. Chad Nicely definitely knows his stuff. And I agree with him saying that being honest and apparent sells more than spouting “pretty lies”….there’s so much business out there, be the one business that people will come to once they find nothing but failure elsewhere. It is a bit disappointing when you’ve lost faith in your partners and associates. But you live and learn and move on to better. Great podcast. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Thanks for dropping by Scott, I appreciate your kind words! 🙂 And OH MY GOSH YES! It’s actually easier to stand out from the crowd than most people think – with so much noise and lies out there… yeah, it’s probably still true that ‘there’s a sucker born every minute’ … but people are getting wise to seeing the truth, especially if/when they have been burned before.

  2. Bob Mansell Mar 19, 2016

    Wow, thanks for the step by step instructions. I feel like I have some good ideas as a result of this podcast, and am exited to get going with my own sales plan. One thing I hadn’t thought about was getting people involved before the webinar by giving them tasks etc. I can see where that would get them invested before hand and result in more sales. This is a great site, I’ll keep reading.

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