Cindy: In this Episode #6, I interview Susan Bratton who has grossed over $250,000 in product sales during 18 hours of webinar-type live events. She held this over a three week period. What makes Susan’s approach unique is that this was done entirely outside of the make money online or the Internet marketing niche. Instead, targeting men interested in improving their sex lives and addressing men’s sexual health issues. With that in mind, please be aware the content in this podcast is going to be provocative and adult in nature and it’s not recommend for under-age listeners, so if that is you, please exit this broadcast now.

During this broadcast, Susan is going to share how she filled her webinar events, how she structured the entire series to sell multiple products, and the proven flow of the successful webinar, a lot of which is prerecorded. She can potentially be used for evergreen or automatic webinars as well.

After all of that, welcome Susan. It’s fantastic to have you here.

Susan: Oh, it’s my pleasure. I am so high on the concept of doing webinars and information product marketing that I really love to share everything that I’ve learned doing it with as many people as possible, because I love the format. It’s perfect for certain kinds of people. I happen to be one of them and you might, too.

Cindy: I think it’s fantastic because you really get to put your face on it and you get to connect with your people like nothing ever before. You had some insane results here. You were able to get 7,500 people registered for your webinar series. Of that, you had over 1,500 people show up on the first … Is that on the first one that you held? That is huge. You were obviously not using GoToWebinar, because they cap it at 1,000. What were you using?

Susan: I have been using … I started out using Stealth Seminars many years ago and I did a couple of webinars. One for my product called Revive Her Drive and the webinar was called Lust Triggers. Then I did another webinar for my product called Keep Her Coming. That was called Making her …

Cindy: I’m going to try not to giggle. I’m sorry.

Susan: I’m used to it. That was called Making Her Multi-Orgasmic. I actually co-created that with another friend of mine, Gabriel Moore. We created the funnel together and it was my front-end offer and her continuity offer because I didn’t have a continuity offer. We have been sending traffic to those particular funnels for years and years and years, because one of the great things about my business is is that though there are innovations in human sexuality, this whole operating system right here is a pretty stable operating system in actuality.

Cindy: Absolutely.

Susan: I love the idea of live events to evergreen. That is a fantastic model for me. When I heard from Mike Filsaime that he was launching Webinar Jam Studio and EverWebinar as an offer, as a platform, I immediately wanted to migrate to that. I heard Mike talking a lot about the value … Mike and Andy Jenkins, Marketing Genesis, talk a lot about the value of live events. In my industry, the default funnel is a VSL. Though I’ve written over 130 VSLs, I never really felt like they captured some of the things that I do really well. 1) I’m a sex educator so I love to teach people. 2) I like to be on video. I go on television all the time so why would I have a Keynote or PowerPoint-based VSL when I could actually do a live event and people could get to know, like, and trust me?

When we were starting … I found a product that … I actually promoted a product in 2013 called Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men that I just loved. I loved the product. I was so happy that Jim Benson had made this product. Over the course of a few years, he and his partners had worked really hard to get the VSLs converting and they could never quite get it to be a highly converting offer. I went back to Jim and I said, “Hey, I’d like to license it and I’d like to use this workshop model. This idea that this is a live event, but it’s a men’s workshop where they get to come in. They get to try things. They get to have an experience using video. Then we’ll make it evergreen.”

That’s when we started using Webinar Jam Studio with the intent that we would split test a whole series of hooks for the Multi- Orgasmic Lover for Men program. There are some men who … They struggle to get hard. They struggle to achieve an erection. Other men struggle to stay hard. That’s called premature ejaculation so they’re always worried about that. There are other men who are okay in the zone of their own ejaculatory choice but their woman isn’t having orgasms when they’re making love to her. That actually is something that’s in his control as well. Then there are other guys who are just really interested in what it takes … what is male multiple orgasm? How do you do that? Could I do it? How would I do it?

We split tested three different … We did a bunch of market research and we found out what guys are most interested in that this particular program solved the problem of and then we did three different live events to test which one converted the best.

Cindy: Okay.

Susan: We did each of the live events two times, which I’ll explain in the flow of how we did the testing.

Cindy: That’s fantastic. Basically, it was the same product.

Susan: Yes.

Cindy: That you licensed. You didn’t even create the product.

Susan: He created such a great product, why would I go out and make it? I just love to license incredible things from incredible people.

Cindy: Okay. Then you developed three separate funnels and then put them into selling the same product. For the actual … Let’s talk a little bit about the actual sequencing of that webinar. Were there some aspects that you were able to keep and repeat? You had to build separate front-end funnels to get these three different groups of men into these things, but where there some stuff that you could use again or did you have to create separate training things for each of them?

Susan: Here’s what we did: the first thing we did was we wrote the first script. The first one we did was how to become a multi-orgasmic man. The second one we did was how to give a woman vaginal orgasms through penetration or lovemaking. The third one was how to get hard, stay hard, and last as long as you want. We started in that order. We didn’t know which one of the three would work the best, which one of the three our partners would want to mail to the most, any of that stuff. We had 18 of our closest JV partners send us warm traffic to all three funnels.

We started with the male multiple orgasm one. We did it on a Wednesday. We wrote the script for … Six weeks in advance we wrote the script and then we practiced it about eight times just over Skype, Jim and I did, so we could get ready. Then we did the live event with the script that we’d written and we realized, “Oh, we need to move this. We need to put this here. This needs to go to the end. We need to X this whole thing out.”

What we had done was we had actually gone to a video studio and we had recorded entire segments of the workshop in advance because we didn’t feel, being brand new to running a live event online, that we could handle our own interaction, the live chat. Oh my gosh, I really want to parking lot, for a minute, Cindy, the live chat, but I really want to come back to that because I think one of the pivotal things about doing these live online webinars.

We had testimonial videos already prerecorded that we inserted. The flow got better and better and better, because here’s what we did. The first one, we did the event. It was three hours long. We made the offer … We attempted to make the offer in the first hour. It was really tough to get to the offer because we just weren’t facile. We made the offer and then we just gave them more and stacked on more and more bonuses and bonuses and bonuses because …

Cindy: Three hours?

Susan: Three hours.

Cindy: That seems quite long. Were you breaking it up with some training as well or was it …

Susan: Yes. 30% of the people stayed all three hours. Cindy: Oh my gosh.

Susan: We had incredible stick rates.

Cindy: Wow.

Susan: Yeah, we told them about the knee breath technique and then we made them the offer for Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men and then we went to … We gave away a prize. The prize we gave away was actually what was in our up sell funnel. For everyone who didn’t win it, because only one person won it, they got to hear all about it and then they didn’t win it. Then that was the up sell. That got us a 28% take rate on the up sell.

Cindy: Great, yup.

Susan: We went to another lesson that was, “And we’re going to teach you this thing,” you know? “Coming up next we’re going to … ” We dropped a ton of open loops. “Coming up next we’re going to teach you this technique.” We would run another video.

Cindy: That was another up sell, was it?

Susan: It was more like we stacked the bonuses with the lessons. Cindy: Okay.

Susan: We would teach a lesson and stack a bonus. Teach a lesson. Stack a bonus. We did that for a few hours, and then we went into Q and A. We had … We Pinned, saved all of the questions that were coming in from the chats that we couldn’t answer during the first hour or two, and then came back to them and we answered those systematically and then we stacked some more bonuses.

Cindy: Right.

Susan: We had another testimonial. We just kept edutaining our audience. Cindy: Yeah.

Susan: We had a big drop off. Two-thirds dropped off after the first hour, like they had planned to be there. They were there for an hour and then they were gone, but a third of them stayed for another two hours and we got a lot more sales by continuing to go on and on.

Cindy: What kind of press points were you selling at?

Susan: The Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men is 197, or you could get three payments of 69.97 and we also had a PayPal credit option which a number of people use. Then there were up sells that were 47, 97, and, I think, we did another one that was 197 on top of that. A coaching offer that was 197.

Cindy: Okay. That’s still quite cheap considering a lot of the people in the Internet marketing space are used to selling things higher. Is this a product that sells normally online? Is it …

Susan: We only make it available if you come through the workshop and get the workshop special offer.

Cindy: Okay. Right.

Susan: It’s normally a $400 program. They could get it for $197 plus all the bonuses, so it was a $1,500 value for $197.

Cindy: Right. Yup, that’s … That sounds pretty sweet. Can you tell us … Actually, maybe you could tell us a little bit about the equipment set ups? You were telling us you went to a studio. Susan: It was so hard. It was so darn hard.

Cindy: Oh my gosh.

Susan: The actual equipment of recording the video was nothing. It was my Mac and I had a little … I’ll grab it for you. I had a little separate microphone. This is all it was. Was … I should have had it in my hand. Sorry. This mic, which is like a … What is it? I don’t even know what the brands is. Hang on, I’ll read it to you. It was quite good. It was Audio-Technica. My mic stand, which I duct taped onto my monitor and keyboard holder. It was USB. Wherever the bottom of this was. It was just a little USB cord that plugs in so this was a really nice spot mic that gave me a very warm sound.

Cindy: Okay.

Susan: The camera in my laptop. Webinar Jam Studio uses Google Hangouts so that was all the equipment that we needed.

Cindy: Okay. You don’t need to go absolutely overboard.

Susan: I did this because I’m vain. I had these. This is called a gold bounce. It’s just a little thing. It actually … You can actually have these and take them on the go. They’re just like those things that keep the sunlight out of your car, you know? That pop up like a windshield screen. Watch. This is going to go, “Boink!”

Well, she was really interesting til the gold bounce killed her.

Cindy: I’m sorry for you guys that are listening via podcast on [inaudible 00:13:19], but you might have to just chase us down for the video because Susan just nearly got attacked and taken down by a …

Susan: I had gold bounces because I like to look really pretty so we had a lighting kit that I ordered on with gold bounces aiming the light at me so that I looked … You could see all the sides of my face and everything. That was about it. Other then that it got so hot while we were recording during the fall that we literally had an air conditioner shipped to our house.

Cindy: Oh my gosh.

Susan: Blowing straight at me in the room, because all the fans and all the lights. It just got super hot.

Cindy: Right.

Susan: But that was …

Cindy: You were surrounded by a ring full of men. That’s got to get a bit hot.

Susan: Nobody was there.

Cindy: Okay.

Susan: It was just me.

Cindy: I was meaning the virtual room. Susan: It was a virtual room. Yeah, yeah. Cindy: Yes.

Susan: Totally true. But equipment set up was really easy. Actually injecting the videos and managing the chat and injecting the PowerPoints. What we would is, we would be live, then we would roll to something we’d prerecorded in a video studio. We went to a professional videographer’s studio. We green screened. We had our scripts. We used a teleprompted and Jim and I recorded the videos. We had each one of our teaching segments already done. That gave us time during the webinar to … They couldn’t see us, right? The camera was off us. We could guzzle water. Run to the bathroom. We could chat with each other on the back channel chats. Whatever. It just gave us a moment. We could read the chat roll and respond to people. That saved our bacon. I don’t know if they say that [inaudible 00:15:12].

Cindy: I had heard that one, yes.

Susan: It was very helpful. It took quite a bit for us to figuring out how to do video injections that didn’t knock people off the webinar during mobile. It took us a while to figure out how to do my Keynote injections wherever there was animation.

Cindy: Okay.

Susan: We figured that out too. You export the Keynote to an HTML file. Index dot HTML file and lay it in a separate window that you pull into Webinar Jam Studios. There are workarounds and luckily, there’s a great Facebook group for Webinar Jam Studio, which is awesome. I learned a lot. I shared a lot. There’s lot of techniques for coming to figure those things out. It’s Google Hangout. You can only do so much in Google Hangout.

We learned about how people are on the webinar from all over the world and somebody in India might be faster at getting the information than somebody in San Diego right next door in California. We just learned a lot from having all those moving parts and doing the webinars live with all those different insertions. We got fast at it about 18 hours in. We were like rolling the video and launching the Keynotes and chatting with people and you know, managing the whole thing. It definitely takes a lot of dry runs and practice.

Cindy: How did you manage the chat? Did you have some extra staff in there to just pull out questions to make sure stuff’s going to stay on topic as well.

Susan: [Saukie 00:16:51], one of our customer care team, managed our chat as did one of our customers who loved … He just loves … He just loves Personal Life Media and he just loves supporting us. He came on and whenever anybody was going to say … At the beginning we said, “Listen. We want you to chat, but you have to keep it very positive. There’s not going to be any negative comments on chat, because we … Literally we can kick you off, so please don’t make us do that.”

Someone wrote something and I guess they thought they were being funny, but it kind of was a dig at women and that was really great because Ross … He was like, “Hey, dude. Keeping it positive in here. Please … Maybe you were just trying to be funny. We get that, but it’s not funny to make fun of women and we’re all here to support each other. This is a really good workshop for men so let’s keep it really positive.”

The guy was like, “Sorry.” As long as you came out right up front and you were like, “This is how we’re going to roll, dudes. [inaudible 00:17:49] stuff. Of course, you can say whatever words you need to say, but it’s not negative.”

Then we also had a couple of other people from our team monitoring chats and Pinning questions so we could come back to them later. Yeah, you need support.

Cindy: Yeah. It sounds like you do. You had … You were talking about having a lot of people coming and promoting for you. Did you already have a base of affiliate partners? Is that correct?

Susan: I have about 150 affiliate partners and I went to the ones that were my top 20 buddies and I was like, “Hey, I don’t have any idea if I’m going to make you any money at all, because I’ve never done this before, but I could sure use some warm traffic to split test these hooks.” They were all like, “Totally going to do that for you. No problem at all.” Of course, any time they need me to, I hit them right back with traffic. I’m really lucky to have a very strong relationship with a lot of awesome affiliate partners.

Cindy: After you bundled it up, did you use it for evergreen content? Ongoing webinars or something like that. Are you still using that for affiliates or do you have … have you moved on to paid traffic? Or how are you getting … how are you benefiting with the content you created then? You’re still using it.

Susan: Here’s what I did: the first thing that I did was a I started with these three different workshops. I sent to all my affiliates traffic to it as well as my own traffic. Then we did the live events. We did one event on Wednesday. That was our first one and then we did an encore presentation on Friday which was an entirely new live event, because we got better the second time and we increased our conversions to probably about 25 or 30% every single time we went from one to the other, with the exception of the second series where we tried … We tried to push too hard. Our conversions went down.

Cindy: Okay.

Susan: Then we learned our lesson. By the third we got better again. We did two sets of each of the three, and then, after we got all the people signed up that we could to go into the webinars, the workshops, we realized that there were people who … That there were a lot of people who were going to watch the replay. Right? They signed up but they were never planning to come on live. They were always planning to come on the replay. They were able to see the replay of the event. The second event. We never did a replay of the first one. We did a replay of the second one, because that was always our better … Well, of the better two converting ones. We always did a replay of the better two converting ones. Better one of the two converting ones.

Cindy: Right.

Susan: Easy for me to say.

That got some of the people who actually would watch a replay. Then there were a lot of people for whom they were like, “Gee, a male multiple orgasm workshop sounds really interesting but I’m actually so incredibly busy I have no time to sit down and watch that.”

What we did was we took the workshop and we put it on a sales page and we … Because you get a YouTube video when you do a Webinar Jam. The output is a YouTube video, right? Then you can bring that YouTube video into Evergreen Webinar. EverWebinar and make it an Evergreen Webinar, but you get a YouTube video so we put that on a sales page with the offer below it. We took all the people that had registered, but not gone to a workshop and we sent them to this page and said, “Listen. On demand. Just watch it. Check it out.”

Then we did the same thing the following week, but we did highlights. For a lot of people, they didn’t want a big sales pitch, right?

Cindy: Right.

Susan: It was a three-hour presentation about why you should own Multi- Orgasmic Lover for Men. What we did was we did a highlight on the sales page. We said, “Go to 3 minutes and 27 seconds to see the knee breath technique. Go to 12 minutes and 10 seconds in to see da da da.” They could … We gave them a shuttle on the video so they could fast forward and see highlights. “Go here to see what the offer is and what the price point is and how you own it,” but right below it was actually the order form. They could go watch and buy.

That worked really well.

Then the following week, we took the entire workshop. We cut out all the sales. There was not one selling thing in there. No testimonies. Nothing. Just the content. Only the content from the workshop. All the prerecorded videos and one little setup. Then we put that on a page with the offer, but each time we did this, additional usage of the videos, we let people know that it was a workshop special offer that was ending on … it was like November 30th or something. November 3rd. Whatever. This offer’s going away. Every time they saw the updated versions of the content, they knew that offer’s gone. We pulled it down and we took it off the market. We haven’t had it on the market since then. Now we’re building and we have built six different funnels. Three evergreen workshops from the first one, plus three more funnels that are different. One’s audio. One’s a video. One’s another video. That are just different things that our partners can mail too and we’re doing a sales event with all our partners who want to mail to it.

Cindy: Okay.

Susan: That’s how we’re doing it now to make another workshop special offer or a special offer, 57% off Multi-Orgasmic Lover for Men ends on this date with a timer.

Cindy: Okay, so then there’s still this urgency and you’ve got to be there. That’s fantastic. All right. We have covered quite a bit of stuff here, but I’m wondering if you’ve got any last words of advice for our seven-figure furnace listeners.

Susan: Yes, if you are good on camera or comfortable in front of the camera, if you are an educator and like to teach people how to do things, and if you’re proud of your offer and are willing to ask people to place an order, everything else can be learned. Even those things can be learned.

Cindy: Like what you just said. You didn’t actually create the product. You found someone who developed something of really great quality and then you went ahead and asked for licensing for that. You don’t even need to create your own product. Obviously creating your own product, you’re going to end up with more cash in your pocket yourself, but yeah. Definitely a good way around it.

Susan: Yes. If that is something that you like to do. If you like to educate, if you like to use video, if you love your products and want people to buy them, then the webinar or workshop or online training or whatever you want to call it is a fabulous medium and a terrific alternative to the long-form sales letter or the VSL.

Cindy: That is awesome. Thank you so much for your time today, Susan. It’s been wonderful to get great insights into what it is that you got into. I appreciate your time today.

Susan: Thanks, Cindy. Thanks for letting me talk about something I love so much.

Cindy: Thanks, bye. Talk again with you soon. Bye!

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