Cindy: In this episode number 9, I interview Mark Anastasi. He is an internet entrepreneur, an international speaker, and the author of New York Times best-seller and Wall Street best-seller Laptop Millionaire, well The Laptop Millionaire. He’s been doing some incredible things with webinars including how he is spending $2,000 in solo ads that he got. He had 800 registrations on his webinar and then he pushed them to 2,200 webinar registrations, and he generated over $200,000 in sales in 19 minutes. This guy here is he has a whole lot to share about webinars registrations and I appreciate you being here Mark. I know that you have a lot more to share than just that. Today Mark is going to be sharing a whole lot of things about how to benefit, how to change it from webinars versus stage, how to press the webinar, how to sequence it, how to … all sorts of things. Mark I’m really, really happy for you to be here today. Thanks for joining us.

Mark: Thank you very much Cindy. Thank you for this opportunity to share with you and with your audience. It’s great to catch up with you again. I don’t know if a lot of people know that you used to live in Cyprus, in the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean.

Cindy: Yes just around the corner.

Mark: Absolutely, and so we all missed you out in Cyprus, out here in Europe.

Cindy: I miss you guys and congratulations on your cute little babies, your twins.

Mark: Thank you, thank you, thank you very much.

Cindy: Let’s talk a little bit about how, because you are mostly known for your stage presence, you are able to pack in people. You’ve spoken in 116 countries and you’ve also managed to transfer that stage presence into online webinars, what is the difference? Maybe you can start by that and why did you choose to do webinars and get more webinar registrations? What’s the difference between stage presentation and webinars? How did you make the transition?

Mark: Well, for me it started out back in 2003 when I was broke and homeless and I was just depressed. I attended a personal development seminar in London and it just completely transformed my life. I won’t say overnight but very quickly. It just changed every aspect of my life, my feelings about myself and later on I applied this also to starting a new business. Thanks to attending a business seminar that also changed my life financially speaking. From there early on I wanted to kind of give back and pay it back and I wanted to become a speaker so that I could share with people the transformation that I had experienced in my own life by transforming my mindset.

I changed my mindset and then boom, everything changed in my life. I started out by writing e-books and I published the e-books and that went very well. I used the income I was generating from e- books and of my online ventures to set up a seminar company. I’ve had 16,000 people attend my seminars. My marketing has always been very, very average and kind of home spun, not very elaborate or sophisticated. It has just been me putting on a video or writing a sales page saying, “Listen, you’ve got to come to this seminar. It’s awesome. You are going to learn about this, this, and this. It’s going to change your life.” Because I really wanted to convey that, I genuinely wanted people to attend the seminar and to transform their lives, to touch their lives I feel that why … I think on some level, on some organic heart to heart level, people were feeling that the that’s why they were showing up at my events.

Like I said my marketing was very basic, very unsophisticated. Back in 2010, 2009 rather the Australian speaker Steven Essa, I flew him over to the UK, he spoke at my event, the speed cash seminar and he explained to us, back in 2009, how he was using webinars. He was getting his clients to create amazing businesses thanks webinars but I wasn’t using webinars yet, it actually took over a year to get around to doing my first webinar. I did the first webinar in May 2010. I’ll get to that but to answer your question to whether I’m using e-books or seminars or webinars or it’s a book or is a teleseminar or an interview, it doesn’t really matter. It’s all the same thing. It’s just me sharing value, sharing information, sharing what I’m passionate about with my audience, with people out there. I don’t really view it as, oh I was doing seminars and now I’m doing webinars or I’m doing … Why I’m I doing webinars? Why am I doing seminars?

It all comes from the same place of wanting to reach as large of people as possible.

Seminars, I think, they are fantastic because they can create more of a deep impact in people. It’s a total immersion environment and you have them there for one, two, three, four days and you get more of a chance to affect their mindsets, transform their mindsets, and have them and experience real transformation in their lives but with webinars, the benefit is of course that people don’t have to travel over there. You don’t have to spend $20,000 or £20,000 to put on an event. you don’t have all those expenses. People can tune in for 60 minutes, 30 minutes, 90 minutes from all around the world and listen the what you have the say. There is pros and cons of international businesses Cindy as I do I. our clients are from all over the world and webinars are a great way to add value and reach out to everyone.

Personally I prefer seminars because they are face to face and there is a different energy to it. You really get to connect with people. You really get to see them face to face, eye to eye, really get to listen to the experiences that they have had in their lives and what challenges they have had. What they need. What worked for them as well. I wrote my book, The Laptop Millionaire, which was based on out of the thousands of clients and seminars that we have had over the years, what strategies really, really worked for them, for about 35 of them and I included them in the book. That’s where the idea for the book came from. Webinars, seminars, they are very different but I’ll say this, if you have a highly converting 90- minutes webinar PowerPoint presentation, it will confer just as well if not better in front of a live audience.

There is not much of a difference between doing a sales pitch on a webinar and doing one on a live stage. It’s pretty much the same structure in a 90 minute presentation. You got to do the introduction and speak about yourself, your journey, what you have achieved, why you are here in this webinar, and then teach some content, then transition into the closing if you enjoyed this presentation, if you learned something, if you are interested in this topic then you probably need our help with, dah, dah, dah, and this is why we’ve created this brand new offer and this is what is in this offer. You explain the benefits. You explain the features of it. You add some bonuses to it, you recap … there is a whole sequence to creating a sales pose which I probably won’t get into right now because its, there is many great courses out there about it but to answer your question again, to get back to your question, webinars or seminars to me it’s the same thing. It’s two different modalities of and opportunities to reach to people and share with them something that can help their lives.

Cindy: Yeah, it funny that mentioned about the real energy that [inaudible 00:08:30]to be able to have to do anything the that you believe in your products, you need to believe … you are not trying to sell someone but actually trying to help them better their lives and improve their lives. That’s what everyone I’ve ever spoken to who they 100% believe [inaudible 00:08:50] it’s not crap. They are not just trying shove it and make a few dollars. If you are going to be really successful you have to your own what it is you are doing and really you get excited about it. I want to talk a little bit about, different ways that you fill your webinars, because that is something that you are pretty actually stand out, awesome at and I’m sure our listeners and fans would love to hear about how you fill your webinar. Can you share some tricks there?

Mark: Absolutely, so, actually I created a course for our coaching clients called 14 ways to fill your webinars. I will share with you these different strategies and I can go into more detail in any specific. Let me just … I’ll share the list.

Cindy: That will be awesome.

Mark: Then we can discuss a couple of them if you want. Filling your webinars, of course I’ll say this; email marketing is by far the best way, the most instant way, the most powerful way to do it. In fact I will say, if you want to have success online, if you want to have an online business probably one of the most key things you need to do is build an email list. I’ve built an email list of about 6,000 people back in 2005, 6,000 email subscribers in 2005 and I’ve generated, I don’t know, maybe 5, 6 million dollars in sales just from that initial list of 6,000 people. It has built to about 20,000 now, 50,000 subscribers but the point is that building a mailing list it’s so powerful.

Filling your webinars first and foremost either build up your email list, do whatever it takes to build up your email list or use the email list of the person, the expert that you are interviewing on the webinar. The expert that is presenting the webinar. It depends whether you are doing your own webinar or you are doing a joint venture webinar with someone but either your mailing list or the expert presenting the webinar. His mailing list or her mailing list that is the first point. You need to have an email mailing list.

If you don’t have an email mailing list then get you joint venture partners to promote your webinar for you. How can you get other people with mailing list to promote your webinar for them? Be resourceful, create value for them. Find a way. Figure out a way to add value to them first. This month add value to three or four, five, six of your JV partners. Figure out what they need. Figure out how the help them. When I was starting out, I went to various seminars in London. I introduced myself to the speakers and I didn’t have much of a mailing list. I didn’t even use a mailing list when I was starting out but I knew about how to post e-books online, how to publish e-books online. I said to them, “Hey, listen, I loved your seminar. I can publish your e-book online for you for free. It will be a passive income for you. I will do it for you for free just because I enjoyed your presentation.”

I was basically building a relationship with them. Adding value to them first and then they gladly promoted me to their audience. This is not what I had in mind at the time but that is how it has worked itself out. When you give value to these people, chances are they will want to give back to you as well. Promoting your email list. If you don’t have JV partners, if you don’t have an email list but you have a bit of capital, you can buy some solo ads. I’ll say this about solo ads, my first ever webinar in 2010, I emailed my mailing list. I said I’m doing a webinar first time ever and we had 800 people register for the webinar. I thought, “Okay this is going to be a successful webinar. It’s going to work quite well but I want to get more registrations for this high converting webinar and I contacted two marketers that I knew. One had a list of 500,000 subscribers. Another one had a list of 50,000 subscribers. I gave them both the same offer.

I said, “I’ll pay you $1,000 if you promote this webinar to your list this week.”They both sent out the emails. I sent them $1,000 each and my registrations went from 800 to 2,200. They added some extra 1,400 registrations, about 757, 770 People showed up on the webinar or maybe even as many as 800 showed up on the webinar and that generated $100,000 on the webinar and $100,000 with the three webinar replays that we did. That was $200,000 in total from that first ever webinar that I ran. Like I said I bought essentially two solo ads. What I find works better now is if you are going to use solo ads, if you are going to go through that expense, solo ads can be a bit hit or miss but if you have a great source of solo ads, don’t use it to promote a webinar. Use it to build to build your email list and then promote a webinar to your email list because people buy from people they know, like, and trust. People who show up on the webinar of people they.

What I would say about solo ads and what I recommend people do is that instead of just using solo ads to promote a webinar directly, you should use solo ads and use really good solo ads with some solo ads from some great suppliers of solo ads not all solo ads are equal but you should use solo ads to build your email list and then promote a webinar to your email list. Actually build your email list using solo ads, build a relationship with your new subscribers and then promote a webinar, is how I would put it. Because people tend to buy from people they know, like, and trust and people tend to register for webinar when those webinars are recommended by people they know, like, and trust. That’s important to keep in mind.

Promoting webinars via emails, that’s very important email marketing, solo ads. Build up an audience on Facebook. Spend time, spend even 12 months, spend an year to build up a massive audience on Facebook, it’s going to be worthwhile. Post on your wall two or three times a day. Remind people, all your Facebook friends, your Facebook fans, your Facebook group members, let them know that you are having a webinar on, create Facebook events. I create a Facebook events for my Facebook page and Facebook event for my other Facebook page and Facebook events for my friends, and Facebook … basically it’s free to do so. It’s free to have a Facebook account. It’s free to create Facebook events. Use those tools that are available to you on Facebook.

Also use to build up an audience of people on Facebook. It’s not the best most powerful strategy but it can work. This is what I mean, back a few years ago I spent $390 to buy 78 gigs on fivver basically …

Cindy: That’s a lot of gigs.

Mark: That is a lot of gigs. I basically found people on fiver inviting their Facebook friends to your Facebook groups. I created Facebook groups and I paid somebody $5 to invite all of their friends to my Facebook group. For example, the passive income Facebook group. In the space of about 3 weeks, I had 22,000 new Facebook group members. I spent $390. I got an audience of 22,000 new Facebook group members. Keep in mind these people, they are not my friends yet. They just registered for a group but what it meant was when I was posting updates on these Facebook groups or on these

Facebook pages they would see them, they would see these updates on their newsfeed for free.

It wasn’t costing me anything basically, as a test because this was all part of a new marketing experiment that I was doing, I promoted my webinar for one week just on Facebook without paying for ads just on Facebook to my audience of 22,000 Facebook friends and Facebook group members and Facebook fans and I got 700 registrations for the webinar in one week for free just by doing this. I say for free, I spent $390 …

Cindy: That is amazing [inaudible 00:18:16]

Mark: Sorry Cindy, can you repeat that please? When you post on Facebook …

Cindy: [inaudible 00:18:36] for people to come in and check it out. It’s not just a notification, they will get a notification in their email as well.

Mark: Absolutely, absolutely, yes and a lot of things have changed since I last did this experiment but nowadays on you have so many different ways of getting people to promote your links or your webinars even to their audience. For example, you can have them retweet or tweet to their Twitter followers the link to your webinar and that is sort of another way of doing it using just or or to get people to tweet about your webinar. Which reminds me actually, another thing that you can do with Facebook and this is something that a coaching client of mine Irina Milova used very successfully. You can ask the administrators of successful Facebook fan pages whether you can post your webinar, your webinar link, on their Facebook fan page.

Let’s say there is a relevant Facebook page with 30,000 Facebook fans on it, you can contact the administrator of this Facebook fan page and say, “I have a webinar that is relevant to your audience, would it be okay if I post this link inviting people to this webinar on your Facebook fan page. Irina she said this, she emailed me saying this, “I contacted the administrators of 20 large Facebook pages, asking for their permission to place the webinar link on their page and 50% of them, half of them said yes.” That was quite an interesting experiment as well.

Cindy: That is amazing.

Mark: You can go to Facebook …

Cindy: My daughter, sorry on that subject, my daughter has actually built a massive Facebook following in her group and she doesn’t have to pay for it. All she does is find related groups contact [inaudible 00:21:00]

Mark: Amazing, amazing so she basically tells them, “I’ll recommend your group to my people if you recommend my group to your people. We do swaps of that nature.”

Mark: Amazing, amazing, I held recently a seminar, the prosperity power workshop, and I kept reminding people there that you biggest resource is your own resourcefulness. Your biggest resource is your own resourcefulness and these are beautiful examples of exactly the sentiment behind that statement that there is so much available to us, so many opportunities and you just got to think a little bit outside of the box. You got to be resourceful. You got ask 20 people, “Hey is it okay, so we do a swap and recommend each other’s Facebook groups to each other. Is it okay if I add value to your audience by doing a webinar for them?” Another client of mine, her name is Lucy Johnson and Lucy attended some of our events back in 2009, 2010.

She tried to make money online, it wasn’t working. She spent £10,000 to get a website created for her. It didn’t make her any money. She was a former fitness instructor an aerobics instructor and personal trainer. In the end she just gave up. She said, “You know what? Nothing is working for me but I have all this great information about how personal trainers can got more clients, I’m just going to do a free webinar and I’ll just do it once to share my content, to share my knowledge and that’s it. I give up on the whole internet marketing thing.” She did a webinar out of the love in her heart that she wanted to help personal trainers with this information. She contacted two fitness instructors with mailing lists. She said, “Listen, I have a great webinar I just created. Is it okay if I present it? I’m not selling anything. I don’t want anything. I just have some content I’d like to share with your people. Is that okay?” these two people said, “Yeah, okay, that’s fine.”

She did the two webinars. She wasn’t selling anything. But got a ton of webinar registrations.  People loved the webinar so much that they were begging her, they were asking her, “Please can I buy from you this is great content? What’s the next step? Can I get coaching?” she made £17,000 later that week by selling to the people who loved her free webinar.

Cindy: That’s incredible.

Mark: It’s the moment she stopped trying to make money and just came from the heart and shared some great content with people and boom, things started to flow. Now she does over, I think £1.5 million a year, £1.7 million a year, £2 million a year. She is living in a $25,000 a month massive villa in Marbeya. it’s incredible what she has achieved in the space of just five years because … It started with just I want to help personal trainers get more clients and I want to share this information with people. It started with webinars. Your biggest resource is your own resourcefulness. Contact people, contact people with mailing lists, contact people with large audiences. Get them to tweet about you, get them to comment about you, get them to post your webinar link on their Facebook groups, the Facebook fan pages, for example, be resourceful. Invite the members of your linkedIn group, post on LinkedIn, build an audience on LinkedIn. I mentioned creating a Facebook event.

LinkedIn ads and Facebook ads, we have used those very successfully to get registrations for live seminars but I haven’t used them for webinar, so I’m not sure about how they would work in terms of webinar but I see webinars promoted all the time on Facebook by, I think, Robert Kiyosaki or [Havelka 00:25:20], so that must work on some level. It all depends, of course on your marketing funnel, your lead acquisition costs. If it costs you $5 to get a lead through advertising on LinkedIn or Facebook perhaps but you know it’s going to make $20 on the back end then great, use Facebook ads and LinkedIn all day long, but like I said it depends on your lead acquisition cost and your value per visitor value per prospect in a sense the value per lead in your own marketing funnel.

Other strategies for filling events, one strategy which is quite fun, which I’ve used very successfully to promote books has been paying bloggers to basically promote whatever it is that you want to promote. Whether it is a book or a webinar. There is websites like or S-M-O-R-T-Y,,,, there is a bunch more where bloggers will basically say, “I will review your webinar or video or your book et cetera in exchange for $10, $15, $20, $30 and upwards from there. That’s some of the most successful marketing I’ve done for promoting my book. It has been very successful in that regard.

Cindy: [inaudible 00:26:56]stuff like that.

Mark: You don’t write it yourself, they would write it for you. Sometimes they do ask for like can you give me some content.

Cindy: A bit of an outline.

Mark: To make it easier for them but typically what I find is whether it’s $10 or $15 or $1,000 for a blogger, a blogger with a huge audience, they actually want to review the video or review the book themselves and typically what they will do is they will have, they will say some nice things about it but they will also say one or two things that are a little bit less not 100% complement. They might say, “Oh, well I thought it was too long or it was great content this or that but it was too long or it was great book. I learnt fantastic strategies but at times it sounded more like a sales page or something to that regard.” They keep it more …

Cindy: It’s more realistic then too.

Mark: Exactly, these are the kinds of things people can do to fill their webinars. There is a story I like to share about one of our students. His name is Volagi, Volagi I don’t remember his surname but Volagi attended one of our events. He learned about this strategy of being resourceful and joint venturing and getting some traffic and he contacted an internet marketer by the name of Kavit Haria who was promoting some social media webinar and he says, “Kavit, can we do a joint venture webinar please? You will present the webinar Kavit but I will promote the webinar and I will fill the webinar and we split the sales 50/50.” Kavit said yes and basically Volagi used these types of strategy. He used social media. He used his own small mailing list at the time but he basically got 760 clicks, 760 people to basically click on the webinar link.

About 300 of them registered, 114 people attended the event, the webinar and they generated $11,500 in sales. Basically Volagi …

Cindy: Love it!

Mark: I know, it’s absolutely amazing because he hadn’t spent any money to build and he didn’t have much on his mailing list, he had maybe 1,000 people in his mailing list. Using social media, emailing his email list a few times, he got 760 clicks and that was turned into $11,500 which meant basically what about 6,000, there is $05,750 for Kavit, the presenter, and the same amount for Volagi. Again I love these stories. These are the kind of stories I put into my book. This is why I remember them and know them and I like to share them because it’s examples of people like when I was starting out, all I knew about internet marketing was that I Hotmail email account and that was it. That was all I knew about it.

I love the idea that you can learn something, change your mindset, learn something, be resourceful, get resourceful, make things happen, put a few things together, and boom suddenly you have income out of nothing. Out of just your thoughts.

Cindy: It’s incredible, isn’t it?

Mark: Yeah [crosstalk 00:30:29]

Cindy: Back in the day when I was … Oh, sorry

Mark: What you share about your daughter as well that’s fantastic, that kind of mindset and resourceful, that’s great.

Cindy: Well, it incredible and you talk about Hotmail, back in the day when I was learning my way around this and it’s about being resourceful

and learning as you go. Googling the crap out of everything. I actually thought HTML was an abbreviation for Hotmail. It was so funny. You learn, don’t you?

Mark: That just reminds me of some joke things that I saw like moms who use messages like text messages and abbreviations and this mow that basically wrote to us, hey have a nice day at work WTF. The son wrote back and said, Mom, what do you mean WTF? What do you think mom the word WTF means?

Cindy: Oh dear.

Mark: She was like, what was it, wonderful thank for everything or something like that. Anyway I wish I remembered I would’ve actually completely messed with the punch line.

Cindy: I know, she totally missed that.

Mark: HTML, Hotmail, great, fantastic.

Cindy: I learned it’s not Hotmail. We are probably going to have wrap things up pretty soon. You’ve shared a ton of incredible stuff. We

had a couple of people asking, if English is not your first language, how can you still make money with webinars? Do you have any tips? Do you have any examples of people?

Mark: I’m French and I grew up in Greece, so English is my third language but that’s one example.

Cindy: You have a very strong grasp of the English language …

Mark: My grandmother is English, so that helps I’m being a bit but you are saying people that speak a little bit of English or don’t speak any English at all.

Cindy: They speak a little bit of … yeah. They speak a little bit of English but they are not comfortable enough to hold webinars themselves in English.

Mark: Okay, well I’ll say the first thing is that who said that you need to do webinars just in English? We have the idea because we speak English, we do business in that language, we have the idea, oh webinars can only but in English. Of course not, that’s insane. It can be in any language. In fact it might work even better if you do it in your language, in French or in Italian or in German. In fact I actually have a lot of clients who do webinars very successfully in Italy, in Belgium, Germany and it works even better in their markets because they are not as saturated or in their market, in their language webinars are something, wow this is incredible whereas it might be more common place in the US or in the UK.

What else can I say? If English is not your first language, you can always hire somebody to, even an actor, if you get in you can pay somebody $50, $80 an actor to be the persona, that English language persona for you business. Again I know a lot of people who would actually rather remain, what is it called?

Cindy: Anonymous.

Mark: Anonymous, thank you, that’s exactly what they do. They have an online persona, I’m thinking of Cyprus guy I know specifically. They have an online persona and it’s an actor, American actor, that they pay $80 to basically do their videos for them, present for them and they just tell them what they want to be said and you have the actor in American voice doing that work. That is one way of doing it but also at the end of the day if you are promoting somebody else’s webinar and they speak English maybe you don’t need to be the one introducing the webinar. Maybe you can have somebody spend three, four minutes at the beginning introducing the webinar and you know how to do the marketing and that’s your value add in that transaction. Do you have anything else you want to add about this?Have you …

Cindy: Now that we are talking about it, now that we have just started talking it’s sort of jogging my memory a little bit here when

[inaudible 00:35:23] we released Clickbank Pirate and it was like one of the biggest selling things that we did like way back in the day. Our top affiliate was French and he spoke English, he was able to take what we had and then he translated it into French and he would hold training, live training, they weren’t called webinars back then but he would hold sessions where he would just pull a bunch of people together and he would present them in French. He was one of our top affiliates. I completely forgot about that but yeah you are right.

Mark: Amazing, amazing in these market if people think, oh, it has to be in English, no it’s really doesn’t and I have seen many people take that strategies that we use successfully in England or in the US and do very, very well in other European languages. I say European languages because that’s, we have a lot of European clients attend our events but I also know in South America people have been very successful in South America with using these very strategies as well.

Cindy: Absolutely, that’s awesome. Do you have any last minutes bits and pieces that like to share before we wrap this up?

Mark: I just want to share one story and it’s one of my favorite webinar registrations stories. One of our clients and his name is Tom. He is an Australian guy. When I found him, when he first attended the seminar somewhere in 2009, he was living, sleeping on the floor in a bedroom in his girlfriend’s house, actually his girlfriend’s parent’s house. A young 24-year-old Australian, parents insisted that he had to sleep in a separate bedroom blah, blah, blah, and here is what he did, he attended a training via social media. He had about 3,000 people in Facebook and on Twitter and he started using Facebook and Twitter. He could get some free clicks on Facebook and Twitter. Then he learned about webinars probably from Steven Essa presenting of this speakers seminar of ours.

Stephen Essa who happen to be my brother-in-law now, he is the webinar expert from Australia and our young Australian friend Tom in London learnt about webinars, learn about licensing. I gave some examples of times I’d licensed courses, people had licensed my DVDs and then sold them and things of the nature. Here is what happened about six months later, one of our clients said to me, “Mark I have this software that adds friends on Facebook an autopilot. Are you interested in promoting it? We can join venture.” At the time I was just too busy. I had so many things going on. I said, “You know what? I’m sorry I don’t have time for this. I’m that not interested to be honest it’s not my thing but listen my friend Tom here knows a lot about …” I don’t know why I recommended him to Tom but basically I put those two people together.

What Tom did is he basically did a deal with this software developer, he said, “Yeah, I will license the software for you and I will pay you $2,000 to basically license this software for me.” The software developer was super happy, wow $2,000 for something I created. This is great. Our friend Tom started selling this software for $2,000 a pop on webinar in the space of about four months. He did $2.4 million in sales. He created a webinar presentation that was just converting like crazy. Everybody started promoting his webinar. He was doing like 7, 8, 9, 10 JV webinars a week to the biggest list possible. He did $2.4 million. Of course there were refunds and stuff like that and we had to split 50/50 with the other JV partners that were promoting this webinar but still it was an unbelievable transformation in his finances as you can imagine.

Cindy: That is incredible.

Mark: Just one last 30 seconds story. My sister Karina who was unemployed for a year, she worked in film production in Greece.

She got fired five times from five different TV production companies. She was unemployed for an year. She came over to Cyprus to spend time with me. I worked on her mindset. I gave this course by Steven Essa, this course on webinars. I said, “Listen, study this course and I want you to do you first webinar a week from now. She did and she presented her first webinar. I promoted it to my list and we had about 300 people on the webinar and she made 16 sales at a $1,000 per sale. $16,000 in sales from her first ever webinar.

I should say that what she did before hand in the first month having an online business she basically got 100,000 Twitter followers. The webinar was called how to get 100,000 Twitter followers in 30 days and her coaching program was, I will coach you on how to get 100,000 Twitter followers. She got 16 sales. She made $16,000 and she said to me that in her job in TV production, getting paid like 500 bucks a month in Greece, she would have had to work two years to make what she had made in 19 minutes on her first webinar.

Cindy: That’s incredible and that’s life changing, isn’t it?

Mark: Of course, of course, and again these are kinds of stories that I like to collect and to share and I have many more. A lot of them are in chapter 11 of my book, The Laptop Millionaire. That’s the chapter devoted to webinars and it’s just amazing how powerful webinars can be. That my last little tidbit on that note.

Cindy: That is amazing and thank you so much for sharing all of these stories and thank you for your time and all of your input today. I’m sure everyone is going to love this content. Thanks for joining us. Mark: Thank you very much Cindy. Thank you very much, take care.

Cindy: All right, talk to you soon, bye.

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